Contoh MC Bahasa Inggris

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

The honorable of the chairman of Jatigembol village

The honorable of the chairman of Kedunggalar sub district

and the honorable of the guests


First of all, let’s thank to Alloh the almighty who giving us the mercy and blessing until we can attend in this event without any obstacles and also in this happy place and time. Secondly, may shalawat and salam be with our prophet Muhammad SAW, who guides us from the darkness to the brightness era in the world as well as the next world.

Ladies and gentlemen let me welcome all the guests and say thank you to all of you for being with us today and making the atmosphere of the celebration in the Indonesian freedom anniversary so warm, cheerful and cozy.

Ladies and gentlemen, standing in front of you all, I am as master of ceremony, I would like to deliver the agenda in this event as follows:

         The first agenda is opening

         The second agenda is reading holy Al Qur’an

         The third agenda is speeches

         The fourth agenda is competition

         The fifth agenda is entertainments

         The sixth  agenda is announcement of the winner

         The last agenda is closing.

Ladies and gentlemen, those are our agenda in this Indonesian freedom anniversary. Now, we are going to the first agenda, it is the opening. Let’s open our agenda today by saying basmallah together… Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, may Alloh makes our agenda run well. Amin

            For the second agenda is reading holy Qur’an, it will be read by Sutrisna, for Sutrisna, it is your turn…. Ladies and gentlemen it was reading holy Qur’an, which was read by Sutrisna, may it be useful for us.

            Ladies and gentlemen, for the third agenda is speech. The first speech will be delivered by the chairman of Jatigembol village, for Mr. Budi Sulistionarko, the time is yours….

Thank you for Mr. Budi. Ladies and gentlemen, for the next speech will be delivered by the chairman of Kedunggalar sub district and expected to be pleasure to open this event, for Mr. Agus Sunarko the time is yours.

Ladies and gentlemen, it was the speech from Mr. Agus Sunarko, and thank you for being pleasure to open this event.

            Ladies and gentleman, the fourth agenda is competitions, it will be divided in to five competitions. Those are Nasi Kuning competition, the man cooking contest, reading poem competition and striving drama competition. Please join with us in this competition.

            Ladies and gentlemen, for the fifth agenda is entertainment, it will be entertained by the songs sung by the audiences. For the audiences,  we invite you to join with us by singing a freedom song. Let’s enjoy….  Thank you, your performance is very interesting. Give applause for her performance.

            Okay, Ladies and gentlemen the sixth agenda is the announcement of winner and giving the present. For the winner of nasi kuning competition is Mrs. Ririn, for the winner please come to the stage.

Then, the next winner of the man cooking contest, the winner is Mr. Agus, for the winner please come to the stage.

Furthermore, the winner of reading poem competition, the winner is Asih, for the winner please come to the stage.

And the last, the striving drama competition, the winner is Mr. Yanto’s group, for the winner please come to the stage.

Ladies and gentlemen those are our winner of all competition in this event. Please give applause for them.

            Ladies and gentlemen, we have enjoyed all agenda. Now we are going to the closing as last agenda in this afternoon. Ladies and gentlemen, before closing our meeting, I am as the master of ceremony, I have made many mistakes during holding this agenda and I apologize for these. Well ladies and gentlemen, let’s close our meeting by saying hamdalah together. Thank’s for your attention. May we meet again in other meeting, and please enjoy the performance by Tralala Trilili band.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb